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We care about the environment


Munck Group a/s, headquartered in Nyborg on Funen, is a dynamic and well-run Group that has an annual turnover of nearly € 170 million and employs approximately 1.500 employees in the construction and asphalt industry.


The group consists primarily of the four subsidiaries Munck Forsyningsledninger a/s, Munck Asfalt a/s, Tarcopol Sp z o.o. and Munck Havne & Anlæg a/s.


The Group establishes and repairs utility lines for the cable, sewage, water, fibre and district heating sectors and carries out all types of asphalt work and bridge renovation, a number of tasks related to port construction, coastal protection, dredging of channels and pools, as well as construction work.


Munck Gruppen a/s


Main Office

Toftegårdsvej 18 - Hjulby 
5800 Nyborg
CVR-No. 1649 9609


Contact: +45 6331 3535





 Munck Forsyningsledninger  

Munck Forsyningsledninger a/s is the largest company in the Group. Its head office is in Odense and it has four nationwide regional offices in Vejle, Odense, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.


The company employs nearly 800 employees in establishing and repairing utility lines in the cable, sewage, water and district heating sectors.


The surge in demand for new high-speed communications links and the growing desire for environmentally sound water and energy supply means there is a rapid development in this market.


Munck Forsyningsledninger





 Munck Asfalt  

In Munck Asfalt a/s, more than 250 employees carry out all types of asphalt work, milling, and surface treatment for both public and private customers throughout Denmark.


Munck Asfalt a/s is a nationwide company with five asphalt plants that manufacture a wide range of materials for new constructions and maintenance of roads and public areas, including environmentally friendly coatings with recycled materials and minimal consumption of energy and resources.


The company's quality control system is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


Also part of the Munck Group is the contracting firm Tarcopol Sp. z o.o., which operates in the Polish market.


The company also carry out bridge renovation, construction of expansion joints, epoxy coatings and mastic asphalt coatings and consultancy in general.


Munck Gruppen a/s






 Munck Asfalt  

Munck Havne & Anlæg a/s is a well-established hydraulic engineering firm characterised by a high level of technical expertise and quality.


The company was founded in 1948 and currently employs approximately 60 experienced employees in port and marina construction, coastal protection,  construction of boat bridge and bathing jetty, dredging, pile driving, sheet piling and other construction tasks.


Munck Havne & Anlæg a/s has been part of the Munck Group since July 2011.


Mogens Pedersen

Munck Gruppen a/s Toftegårdsvej 18 5800 Nyborg Tel: +45 6331 3535